How much is due upfront?

Payments are preferred in full but we do offer clients half down and half before printing. Typically that would be right after you receive your proof and give us the go-ahead.

Where do I pay?

After we get you your quote and are ready to order, we will give you payment details.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be canceled at any time. Send us a prompt email to requesting us to stop and that you’d like to cancel. Depending on where we are in the process will determine what fees you may be charged.

What’s the minimum quantity?

We only work with print orders of 1,000 or more.

Can you print custom sizes?

Our instant quote form has some standard sizes, but we can print just about any size you want. Just email us for a custom sized quote.

To self-end or separate-end?

Self-ended books are standard in the publishing field. You have a far better end product and it is cheaper. To self-end, you will need to have your page count be in multiples of 4 which will include the two glued pages on the front and back cover. That means your ‘seen’ pages (including end-pages) will be in multiples of 4 – 2.

Will my books be defect-free?

Like with any product on the market, you may find some books with defects. Your book will be free from defects within a 2% variance. However, we are confident that there shouldn’t be any problem.

What’s your return policy?

Although there is no way to return your books for a full refund, we strive for customer satisfaction. If there are any issues while undergoing the printing process, we will make it right.

However, this does not include:

  • – artwork/photos that are low-res/pixelated
  • – content decisions
  • – grammar mistakes or typos
  • – any lines or particles that are in the original file due to the
  • – illustrator or designer
  • – or anything else that was given approval on your final file

We do offer editing services for a fee. We recommend using an editor as they do catch lots of mistakes, but whether you choose to have it edited or not is on you.

Do you offer physical proofs?

You bet! The proofs that come from us will be digital versions in a complete physical book form. The colors may vary slightly but you will get to see what your book looks like before it goes into a run.

Must I put “Printed in China” in my book?

Yes, international law requires all printed materials manufactured in China to have “Printed in PRC” or “Printed in China”. The font needs to be at least 8pt and easy to read, contrasting the background.

Can you help format or modify my files?

We sure can. For a small fee, we can get your files ready to print.

Do you sell barcodes?

We do not, nor is there a need for you to buy one. You can get one HERE for free

Do you sell ISBN’s?

We don’t. You’ll want to head over to Bowker and purchase some.