Let us take the hassle of storing, listing and distributing your books, so that you can focus less on fulfilling orders and more on what you’re good at; publishing! Our storage facility is climate controlled and insured, so you can relax knowing your books are in safe hands. Whether you receive an order through Amazon, your personal website or other retailers, our distribution team will carefully package and quickly ship your books, ensuring a satisfied customer every time.

Our storage plans start at $40 per month, and increase for multiple titles or larger quantities. Our distribution fees are 15% of the order price, which covers the time and cost of packaging materials.

Exclusions: base pricing does not include any retailer discounts or fees, if applicable. The customer is responsible for shipping costs (we use media mail, unless otherwise requested). Author copies do not incur a distribution fee, however, the client is responsible for shipping and packaging costs.

If you have questions about our storage or distribution services, please email us at and we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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