AuthorPreneur Central wants to give back to the community by providing FREE barcodes to publishers and self-publishing authors (a $25 value). Please share our barcode generator tool with any like-minded authorpreneur’s who may be in need of a barcode for their book.

Keep in mind that as you make changes to your barcode, you will need to hit the PREVIEW button below the barcode image to see your updated changes. Also, the price of your book should reflect the country of origin. For example, using the country code US should reflect US dollars.

Note: AuthorPreneur Central is not liable for non-working barcodes or barcode errors. We highly recommend using a barcode scanning app to ensure it scans properly before adding it to your book.

ISBN-13 e.g. 978-3-16-148410-0
Country code for price field

Leave blank for no price.
Transparent output
Show ISBN number at top.
Show price in barcode.
Show price number at top.

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