Printing overseas is a resource used by most big publishers and it is the only way to really profit from your books! Local printers and print on demand services charge an outrageous price for printing. With the fees you already pay to format, design, and illustrate, you just can’t afford to take that hit. This is where AuthorPreneur Central comes in. We use the best printers in Asia to offer you high-quality book printing at an extremely low price so that you can profit more from your books.

We work with you directly to make sure your files are error-free and meet our printer guidelines. Additionally, we want you to love your final product, which is why we send you a FREE physical proof to approve before we have your full order printed.

Our in-house professional translators guarantee nothing is lost in translation, ensuring a smooth printing process and as a result, a final book with the highest quality possible.

When you send us your files, you agree that you own all the legal rights to print the work. Your files will remain with AuthorPreneur Central and our printer affiliates only. WE ARE NOT A PUBLISHER.


When your books are shipped in from another country, they have to go through customs. The forms, fees, duties, and choreographing it all together can be quite confusing. We take the hassle off your hands, leaving you more time to do what you enjoy most, writing and creating. We are experienced in handling the customs so you can pick up your books without any of the hassle.

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