Get $200 when a friend you refer places a print order!

Terms and restrictions:

*Receive your bonus within 60 days of the order being placed.

*Referral bonus only applies to book printing orders.

*Canceled orders will not be awarded a referral bonus.

*In the case where multiple people refer the same client, the referral bonus will go to the first person who referred the client.

*In cases where the client names more than one referral and/or it is unclear who referred the client first, the referral bonus will be split evenly.

*In cases where the client is asked and does not name any referral, no referral bonus will be awarded. For this reason, we urge you to remind the client to mention your name when ordering.

*Bonuses are only paid out for referrals made after 09/01/2020.

*Bonus is only awarded for a referrals first order. Subsequent orders from the same client do not qualify for a referral bonus.

Program is subject to cancel or change at any time.