Spot UV

Spot UV refers to the application of a gloss coating to a specific area of the cover, such as the title. Because Spot UV is shiny, it would typically only be done on a cover that is matte. Artwork would be seen under the UV coating. Spot UV can also be combined with Glitter for a shiny and transparent glitter-look.


Embossing is the process of creating a metal template that stamps a specific area of the artwork outward, so that it is raised above the rest of the image. The artwork would be seen. Embossing can be done on either paperback or hardcover books.


Foil Stamping is the process of applying foil film to certain areas of your cover. Foils come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. You would not see artwork under the Foil.


Glitter is similar to foil in which a glitter film is added to certain areas of artwork on your book cover. Glitter also comes in a variety of colors. Artwork would not be seen underneath the Glitter film. If you would like to do a transparent glitter, consider Spot UV with Glitter.

Dust Jacket

Dust Jacket (or dust cover) is a removable outer paper cover with flaps that fold into the front and back cover, keeping it in place. Artwork can be (and often is) printed on the dust jacket flaps.