Authorpreneur Central was founded in 2019 by indie authors’ Claressa Swensen and Nathan Andersen (Anders Roseberg). After realizing how difficult it was to find a reputable and affordable offset printer, they decided to launch this platform which offers authors the same high-quality printing available to traditional big publishing houses. Read more about the team behind AuthorPreneur Central below.

Claressa Swensen (Co-founder ) is a multi-talented author of children’s books, director of films and marketing expert. She resides in northern Utah with her family, where she pursues her writing. She is a full-time mother and is well involved in the indie author community. Claressa has published five picture books and dedicates herself to helping other authors pursue their dream in self-publishing.

Nathan Andersen (Co-founder) (pen name Anders Roseberg) is an award-winning children’s author. He is experienced in raising publish-funds through crowdfunding and has professional experience in both design work and illustration. He is passionate about helping self-published authors achieve a professional vision for their story. Nathan is also a talented producer/director/musician of cinematic-style book trailers and professional-looking commercials. He has won multiple awards for his short films, commercials, and music videos, and is also skilled in producing high-quality audiobooks.

Tracey Shih is a professional book translator. Fluent in Mandarin and Traditional Chinese, she is able to converse easily with our printers, ensuring the manufacture of maximum quality books without anything being lost in translation. Tracey is passionate about helping self-publishing authors achieve a high-quality product for a low cost so that they can profit more from their work.

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